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Infamous 001


Spec X – The Infamous Album

Release Date: 29 November 2016


  1. Spec X – Intro (Original Mix)
  2. Spec X – Hightimes (Original Mix)
  3. Spec X - The Realness (Original Mix)
  4. Spec X - Black Cocaine (Original Mix)
  5. Spec X - Party Ova Here (Original Mix)
  6. Spec X - This Is All You Got (Original Mix)
  7. Spec X - When You Hear That (Original Mix)
  8. Spec X - Heaven

Release Text:

When looking at the album cover for the first time, even before listening to the music, you'll be struck by the image of Timm with his Straightjacket. This is a reflection of the emotions he experienced as he started working on the album, when he found himself in a creative depression which then lead to a reconstruction of his self.Timm Ewest aka Spec. started being passionate about djing and music production around the age of 14, and in 2013 his mind and creative persona started changing and evolving, and finally he found himself immersed in the electronic music scene while building up his new studio.In 2016 he comes up with The Infamous Album on his new label Infamous Tracks.With this album he aimed at recreating the electronic version of the raw 90s sound, inspired by the group called Mobb Deep. As part of the production process, he used Havoc's USB stick (the producer of the group) with his old samples, drums and other sounds in order to create, as much as possible, an authentic feeling.This made the production slightly more difficult on some levels, but also interesting. The real challenge consisted in the use of these old samples and creating a carefully crafted sound, while at the same time trying to maintain its raw character and originality.As you listen to the album, you'll get the feeling that a story is being told, from the first to the last song. The Intro is a melancholic opening symphony and is followed by High Times which is built with a nice melody loop that resonates throughout the entire record.Black Cocain starts with the lyrics in the recordsYou're gonna hear violence, you're gonna hear aggressive behaviourby individuals that lived that lifestyle out and together with The Realness builds the dark character of the album. The next 3 songs are more dance floor focused, and with Heaven, the melodic closing song, the story of the album comes to its end.