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Infamous004: Whatelse – Illusion EP

Release Date: 31 July 2018


  1. Whatelse – Illusion Chapter 1 (Original Mix)
  2. Whatelse – Illusion Chapter 2 (Original Mix)
  3. Whatelse – Illusion Chapter 3 (Original Mix)
  4. Whatelse – Illusion Chapter 1 (Cardao Remix)
  5. Whatelse – Illusion Chapter 1 (Chris von B.s No Sleep Remix)

Release Text:

The fourth release of Spec.'s Label Infamous Tracks is a EP produced by the DJ duo Whatelse.The EP, called Illusion, contains three originals and two remixes, made by Cardao and Chris von B. All straight Techno without compromisesThe illusion starts with Chapter 1, the beginning of the illusion. With his slowly evolving melodies and the deep techno bassline, it takes you into his own world. The journey continues with Chapter 2, which takes you deeper in this amazing world. A smashing kick and the huge break, where everything breaks up, takes you straight into Chapter 3, the final chapter. Chapter 3 completes the illusion with his amazing bassline and the playful melodies. The EP is added by two remixes. Chris von B's amazing No Sleep rework of Chapter 2 shows you, how to get these illusion. It appears out of the dark and you just have to follow these amazing vocals. Cardao's remix of Chapter 1 is the great boom at the end. Darker, faster, harder. It finally blows your head away.