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Infamous008: Tec3.N.O – The Satellite EP

Release Date: 05 January 2018


  1. N.O – Voyager (Original Mix)
  2. N.O – Unknown Satellite (Original Mix)
  3. N.O – Unknown Satellite (The YellowHeads Remix)
  4. N.O – Dope Tones (Original Mix)
  5. N.O – Dope Tones (Oneiroid Remix)
  6. N.O – Dope Tones (theCableape Remix)
  7. N.O – Senseless (Original Mix)

Release Text:

Let me take you on a Spaceship for the next Infamous release. The Satelitte EP by TEC3.N.O. sends the techno signals through the world with 7 tracks including 3 remixes. The Unkown Satelitte is lost in the space and gonna come back with a massive The Yellow heads remix. You can hear the dope tones coming back to our world with the Oneiroid and theCapleape remixe. TEC3.N.O. shows with his 4 original tracks that the he is a serious part of the techno producer world.