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Infamous011: Andre Keller & Felix Springel – Dissolute EP

Release Date: 16 March 2018


  1. Andre Keller & Felix Springel – Exile (Original Mix)
  2. Andre Keller & Felix Springel – Different Conduct (Original Mix)
  3. Andre Keller & Felix Springel – Superior (Original Mix)
  4. Andre Keller & Felix Springel – Core (Original Mix)

Release Text:

Having released many original tracks on their own, Felix Springel and Andre Keller are now making their debut on Infamous Tracks with the "Dissolute" EP."Dissolute" consists of four original tracks, portraying the industrial face of techno. Showing how dissolute the rave culture can be, the EP comes at you with four powerhouse tracks - ready to hit the dance floor.Beginning with "Exile", the EP kicks off with an absolute end of the road song with its ghostly vocal fx, haunting lead sounds and cold saw synths. "Core" is true to its name - a total force of nature with a heavy kick, analogue pads and a brutal metallic lead sound that unfolds its full power after a breathtaking break.Followed up by "Superior", which emulates an occult warehouse atmosphere. Taking you to a place with industrial impact sounds and condensating water on the walls."Different Conduct" closes the ep with celestial pads, evil stabs, deep pluck sounds and a defined low-end rumble.