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Infamous 012


Spec X – The Infamous Album

Release Date: 27 July 2018


  1. Spec X - Don´t do XTC anymore (Original Mix)
  2. Spec X - Don´t do XTC anymore (Full Vocal Mix)
  3. Spec X - Don´t do XTC anymore (Acapella)
  4. Spec X - Ghost Drums (Original Mix)

Spec X hit the techno scene again and comes with his new single dont do XTC anymore. He used his own voice on the vocal production process which brings you in a hypnotic feeling while dancing to it. It's a absolutely catchy after listening once and you will sing it under the shower or when you wake up after your party night. Spec X doesn't answer the question if he doesn't do it anymore or what's his thoughts behind the vocal. You can interpret it also as ironic because a lot of dancers say no on a monday and yes on the next club night. Its the devil and angel at the same time. Make up your own story and celebrate it on the dancefloor.Infamous Techno.