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Infamous017: Julian Konsent - Observing

Release Date: 25 Mar 2019


  1. Julian Konsent - Observing (Original Mix)
  2. Julian Konsent - Break (Original Mix)
  3. Julian Konsent - Collide (Original Mix)
  4. Julian Konsent - Collide (Marcel Locust Remix)


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Release Text:

Through sizzling lead sounds, hard basslines and strong percussive patterns, Julian Konsent creates a journey into a darker atmosphere. The journey leads through a endless rhythm in “Observing” with a intense break. Followed the processing of a actual breakbeat. The second track is driven by classic drum sounds which form forward rushing patterns. The break and the lead in alternation with the rolling bassline unleash unsuspected power. This power gets channeled in the next track in which two contrasting elements collide with each other. The light pad brings you close to the end of the journey. At this end a new interpretation of original track is waiting. The Remix by Marcel Locust processes the material in a different way and rounds up the EP successfully.